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When will the platform be available?
We are currently in BETA(invite only), and we are aiming to be fully available worldwide int the middle of 2022.
Is Craftverse a free platform?
Yes! Anyone will be able to create a free profile on Craftverse.
Do I need a CV account to sell produccts or make a purchase?
Yes. All sellers and buyers need an account. Unregistered people can still watch and browse the Marketplace, but they are unable to buy or sell.
I have my community well stablished on other social media platforms. Why whould I make an account on your platform?
We are a very targeted community of cosplay enthusiasts. As a result, we can distribute and market you and your products to the people who are ready to financially support your work. Our users are loyal fans and supporters that are excited and enthusiastic about the cosplay industry.
I own a cosplay studio. Can I still make a profile as a studio?
Yes! Craftverse allows studios to create profiles to post the work they produce. If your studio members have a CV profile, you will be able to tag them in the published projects.
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